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Stamps printed in excessive quantities

According to an article in the Philatelic Webmaster Organization, some companies that have printed stamps on behalf of poor countries (especially in Africa) are printed in excessive quantities aimed at collecting.

Stamps are only apparently approved by local postal administrations,

The article mentions in particular

many stamps and leaflets related to minerals, from countries such as Chad, Comoros, Mali, Niger, Congo , 

Burundi, Guinea Rep., Guiné Bissau Rep.,

Solomon Is., S.Tome & Prince, Togolaise Rep.....


Therefore since December 2015 no longer updated images of stamps of the these country.

They are printed without glue and high prices.


Black number = Scott catalog

Blue or  red number = Yvert et Tellier catalog



Image  Country Year Subject Yvert Set
6395TAAF21.jpg Terre Australes France 2021 Chalcedony 973-74 2 val
ANG19_1.jpg Angola 2019 Various minerals n.c. 4 val
6477GUIB21.jpg Guiné Bissau 2021 Fluorite BF 2 val


Image Country Year Subject Yvert Set
6476CHI20.jpg China 2020 Metor shover 5739 5737-5741

Gems and Jewels

Image Country Year Subject Yvert Set
6465ALG17.jpg Algeria 2017 Jewels from the tomb of Tinhinan BF 26 3 val
6459MAR69.jpg Maroc 1969 Jewels 586 2 val
6460MAR69.jpg Maroc 1969 Jewels​



587 "
6461MAR69.jpg Maroc 1970 Jewels​ 602 2 val
6462MAR69.jpg Maroc 1970 Jewels​ 603 "

FDC and Postcard

B_328SVI58.jpg B_329SVI58.jpg B_330SVI61.jpg
Minerals B_331CHI98.jpg
Meteorites Cart_0252CHI20.jpg

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