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Stamps printed in excessive quantities

According to an article in the Philatelic Webmaster Organization, some companies that have printed stamps on behalf of poor countries (especially in Africa) are printed in excessive quantities aimed at collecting.

Stamps are only apparently approved by local postal administrations,

The article mentions in particular

many stamps and leaflets related to minerals, from countries such as Chad, Comoros, Mali, Niger, Congo , 

Burundi, Guinea Rep., Guiné Bissau Rep.,

Solomon Is., S.Tome & Prince, Togolaise Rep.....


Therefore since December 2015 no longer updated images of stamps of the these country.

They are printed without glue and high prices.


Black number = Scott catalog

Blue or  red number = Yvert et Tellier catalog



Image  Country Year Subject Yvert Set
6160CAF17.jpg Centrafricaine Rep. ** 2017 Vanadinite


Meteo Pallasite

BF 1181 1 val
6186GUI16.jpg Guinée Republique 2016 Various minerals Multi 4 val
6133ST-P15.jpg S. Tomé & Principe 2015 Mine and Pyrite BF 1 val
6135ST-P15.jpg S. Tomé & Principe 2015 Various minerals​ Multi 4 val
6143SLE15.jpg Sierra Leone 2015 Various minerals​ Multi 5613-5616
5664SLE15.jpg Sierra Leone 2015 Diamond Mine


BF 863 1 val
6162SLE16.jpg Sierra Leone 2016 Various minerals and


Multi ​6501-6504
6059SLE17.jpg Sierra Leone 2017 Various minerals Multi 6797-6800
6057SLE17.jpg Sierra Leone 2017 Gold

and various minerals

BF 1159 1 val
6174SLE17.jpg Sierra Leone 2017 Various minerals Multi 7069--7072
6140SLE17.jpg Sierra Leone 2017 Graphite



BF 1226 1 val
6181SLE17.jpg Sierra Leone 2017 Various minerals​ Multi 7257-7260
6179SLE17.jpg Sierra Leone 2017 Vanadinite and


and Miners

BF 1273 1 val
6169SLE18.jpg Sierra Leone​ 2018​ Various Minerals Multi 4 val
6167SLE18.jpg Sierra Leone 2018 Chrysocolla and Miner BF 1 val


Image Country Year Subject Yvert Set
6160CAF17.jpg Centrafricaine Rep. ** 2017 Pallasite on left corner BF1181 1 val



2020 Hrašćina Meteorite BF 2 val
6027TCD20.jpg Tchad 2020 ​Various meteorites​ Multi​ 4 val​
6025TCD20.jpg Tchad 2020

Campo del Cielo Meteorite

BF 1 val



Image Country Year Subject Yvert Set
6182SLE17.jpg Sierra Leone 2017 Ruby ??  Xls 7257 7257-7260



FDC and Postcard


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