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     Stamps of Minerals, Gems and Meteorites


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Da dicembre 2015 non si aggiornano più le immagini dei francobolli dei seguenti stati:

Centrafricaine Rep., Burundi, Guiné Rep., Guinea Bissau Rep., Niger,

Solomon Is., S.Tomé & Prince, Togolaise Rep.

Sono stampati senza colla e con prezzi fuori controllo.

Since December 2015 no longer updated images of stamps of the following states:

Centrafricaine Rep., Burundi, Guinea Rep., Guiné Bissau Rep., Niger,

Solomon Is., S.Tome & Prince, Togolaise Rep.

They are printed without glue and out of control prices.


Black number = Scott catalog

Blue or  red number = Yvert et Tellier catalog



Image Country Year Subject Yvert Set
5565MNG17.jpg Mongolia 2017 Various Minerals

Mongolian traditional treasures

Multi 6 val
5550SPA14.jpg España 2014



MUlti 4559-66


5502SAF16.jpg SOUTH AFRICA 2016

Vredeford Dome meteor

Impact site

1917 1912-21
5540GRE16.jpg GRENADA 2016

10 th New Horizon


Multi 5959-62
5530GUI17.jpg GUINEE Rep. 2017 Sikhote -Aline Meteorite n.c. BF 1 val
5532GUI17.jpg GUINEE Rep. 2017 Various Meteorites Multi 4 val


5513TAF17.jpg Terres Australes - France 2017


Rough and cut

796-97 2val
5516AUS17.jpg Australia 2017 Various gems Multi 4421-24




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